Origami Originals

Origami models by Robin Glynn

This is me, Robin Glynn
Just as well the modelling is of the origami kind.

About me
I started my interest in origami, way back in 1969/70 when I was only 6 years old. There was a television program about origami hosted by Robert Harbin who was already famous as a magician. Because my parents enjoyed the program, they bought his book, "origami the art of paper folding". They struggled to follow the instructions, but I took to it straight away. I worked my way through every model in the book. My interest in origami continued over the years, finding new books and enjoying the challenge of following the diagrams. For many years I continued to seek out books on origami, although I rarely created any origami designs of my own. The turning point for becoming a designer was when I joined the British Origami Society at the grand old age of 30. Up until then it was rare for me to find anybody else who shared my passion for origami, but now I was part of a community. being in contact with so many creative people elevated things to a whole new level.